Migrating from cloud to server

Ok, I made a bit more headway. I took your advise and installed Nox (an Android emulator), created a new Gmail account, installed Blynk app to it and logged in. Can you advise me what needs to be different in my sketch(es) that will direct my hardware to the local server instead of the Blynk cloud?

Also, since I have all new hardware for the project, I will fragment my code as needed to isolate functionality, so essentially I will be building new projects and don’t see need of cloning anything. I also believe I can set flags in code to select the correct device(s) based on the function calls issued from my app, but please correct me if that’s wrong.

Also, I was about to post to THIS year old thread on the subject, but thought it wise to first post my question(s) here, but I wanted to inquire whether it would be easier to install the local server to a Pi Zero W, or Windows 10 PC? I have much more experience with Win10 and Zero experience with Pis, but still feel the question to be valid as I’m new to servers as well. So if it would be better to use the Zero W, it might be better to learn servers and Pi at the same time.

Edit - I have an ESP/DHT22 sketch I just built and tested with Blynk Cloud that I can immediately edit and upload to test the server connections etc, I just don’t know what needs to be changed in the sketch aside from the AUTH key.