Widget map IOS

On android, if the pointer moves, the map not, and when I press on the lens, it is positioned correctly and the zoom is correct.

On IOS, if the pointer moves, the map moves accordingly, but performs an excessive zoom, can’t understand the position.


May be due to lack of GPS support in IOS

The map should move only if your current map view doesn’t include updated pointer(s) - map updates location and zoom so all pointers are visible.

Agree. We’ll reduce auto zoom level (or just preserve user zoom level if possible) in next updates.

Is Android supposed to do this too @BlynkAndroidDev ?

I’m using the map with

myMap.clear(); int index = 1; float lat = gps_latitude; float lon = gps_longitude; myMap.location (index, lat, lon, "XX000XX");

what does it mean “preserve user zoom level” ?

Implemented in upcoming 2.10.2 update

It means that map widget will first try to update map position so that all pointers are visible (without affecting current zoom level).