Widget LED no sync (when shared but master project is not running)

Hello guys.
I have a problem with the WidgetLed I have not read in any other topic.
I used “eventor” from the BLYNK app to program that when the virtual pin V1 turns on the LED1 goes ON and LED2 is OFF, and when I press the V2 button, LED1 goes off and LED2 is on … all is not written on the sketch but only through APP.
From the project’s main (administrator) device it’s ok, but in all other CLIENT devices, LED1 and LED2 do not turn on or off if I handle the buttons from these CLIENT devices, but only work when the ADMINISTRATOR is pressed.
Depends on what? Is it a bug or something I’m wrong?
Thanks so much!

When you refer to CLIENT devices are you meaning a project that has been shared?

This is normal… NOT a bug.


Why is it normal? I do not think it has to work this way, it does not seem logical to me …

Sharing is a way of demoing the project without giving full editing control to another person… so it makes perfect sense to have those limits.

If you want others to have full simultaneous control over the Project/MCU Hardware with you (this will include starting, stopping and editing) then simply have them log in with same credentials.

If you want to provide a copy of the project for them to use with their own MCU Hardware and login credentials, then clone it.

ok, but why does the sync for status of button it’s okay while for the widget no? What is the difference?

@Gunner, i agree with the op. if other widgets work in shared mode, this should also work…

but back to the problem, maybe it is related to the eventor… maybe the other phones you are trying are apple, and eventor is not working yet on apple only on android.

try writing code instead of eventor and see if it helps.

That wasn’t the scope of my answer… your overall topic seems to encompass a few issues… I was answering a very specific questions; “but only work when the ADMINISTRATOR is pressed.” and “Why is it normal?” and by “pressed” I took to mean “active”… if you meant something different, then that was not clear :wink:

I would guess the rest, as @wanek suggested, is due to Eventor working off of the primary app. Again I believe the sharing feature, which has been around longer than Eventor (I think) was probably meant more for demo then complex sharing… only the developers would know for sure.

And until Blynk deems to make any changes, using same login for each App should work as expected.

This just not implemented. Initially, the eventor wasn’t supposed to be used in that way (from app side) but we added this based on user requests. So probably now is time to implement this too :slight_smile:.

P. S. It will work correctly when you trigger it from hardware side.

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Thank you so much for help guys!