[SOLVED] My app is stopped by the author. SHARING NOT WORKING?!

Hi all,

Made nice app to control my boiler. I’m using samsung galaxy s6 edge+ and tried share on iOS
Specially for this bought 1000 energy to make sure is enough.
After clicking shared access on…should 1000 energy be used, but nothing still the same amount left.
I’m getting q code to scan. Scanning on ipghone…and still nothing.
From my phone app works perfectly! Tried to log off / log in. Updated to the newest app. Still no luck.
What I’m doing wrong?


I played around with sharing apps a few days ago. I also found it a little confusing, but eventually realised that after scanning the code and getting that message about stopped by author (that means it has been shared, but not running on main phone)… do not cancel or close, just go back to the main phone and run the project, it should then start up on the shared phone.

Well…where confusion started… I had only 200 energy left…and for this showed I need 1000. After buying more and clicking share still got the same amount of energy?! Also I’m not closing app. And even if scaning code and leaving app open and opening iphone app and scaning …still no luck :confused:

I slapped together a short and simple video of the process… I hope it helps.



Thank you very much! Will try tonight. What about if my phone will be turned off and my misses needs control the heating? How in this case? If I will leave always on particular app and turn phone off is it mean she can still access the controller?

As long as the the project is in “Play mode” (as described by @Gunner in his excellent video!!) it will always work. The Server is in control and knows if the App is in play mode. The server is the brains behind the beauty of the App, as it were :slight_smile:

Change your settings! lol

Great video by the way!!

I think someone else might have been trying :unamused: I have been spending the last hour or so trying to determine if my Google account has been compromised or just attempts made.

Try it again.

Working! Good stuff!

Lab tour video next, right? subbed*

Hah… you just saw most of it… I live in an older motorhome, so space is at a premium.

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You could always log into your account on her phone and then she will have independent access. Just set it to run on the project you want and show her what buttons NOT to push, and how to exit the app without logging out of the app. What could possibly go wrong? :smiley:

Yes it’s working perfectly! Thank you “Gunner” for the video. I think for loads of newbies it will help in the future!

Are you using you usual account? I did one only to run Droid4x… Just in case…

@psoro I was using my usual account, but have since added a couple of extras - for Blynk and the Droid4X, mainly since Gmail with local server email needs “less secured applications” and that doesn’t seem to work with 2 step verification, and I wanted that security back on my main account.

I was also noticing a strange Samsung Galaxy Grand logged into my account, but on my IP… turned out to be the Droid4X… who knows why it is called that, but now I know.

Love your second “Thaaaaat’s it” :blush:

Thanks guys,

Sharing will be redesigned. It will be accessible from the Play Mode. But it will still require a running project.

What’s the point to have the main phone open to make it work???


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