Who's willing to try Blynk with GSM modules?

Arduino compile without error.
Esp8266 esp12 after upload firmware just cycling at one second …
Any suggestion?

Ok, I see the problem - it will be fixed soon.
@energokom , Can you please send your full sketch to me?

any working example for esp8266 and sim800/900?


Sure, just try latest release - and change sketch to use SoftSerial, baud 38400

FYI - I’m using the Linksprite sim900 shield, had to use SoftwareSerial pins 7 and 8, not 2 and 3. Also 38400 baud wouldn’t work, had to use 19200. All working now !! Only slightly annoying thing is I get garbage in the serial monitor. Would be nice to get some feedback on whether it finds network, joins APN successfully and connects to Blynk server etc.

Apart from that… it’s alive !! Muhahahahahaaaa !!

I managed to get it working and did a post here going through it

i try combintion ESP8266 v 12E NODEMCU and SIM800E (is new version of SIM800L)

at fist im change a few settings at start.

Then i have problem with this:
1.) A T + C I P C L O S E = 1 send twice! Why close connection?
2.) Only first cycle recive data (to ESP)

Cycling this example ( Space char is from my terminal). Is ok?

(22:15:06.43) A T + C I P S T A R T = 1 , " T C P " , " b l y n k - c l o u d . c o m " , 8 4 4 2

(22:15:06.48) O K 
(22:15:07.00) 1 , C O N N E C T O K
(22:15:07.00) A T + C I P S E N D = 1 , 3 7

(22:15:07.03) > 0 0 0 0 0 0 8 9 d 1 6 3 4 9 9 4 b a 8 7 b 1 d 0 e 2 6 2 4 2 0 2
(22:15:07.07) D A T A A C C E P T : 1 , 3 7
(22:15:07.28) + C I P R X G E T : 1 , 1
(22:15:13.09) A T + C I P C L O S E = 1

(22:15:13.14) 1 , C L O S E O K
(22:15:13.15) A T + C I P C L O S E = 1

(22:15:13.17) E R R O R

BR Greg

Yes it is OK… if it works, why do you bother?

I have problem with transfer data from and to ESP. I use example and i make i little change in library.
On ESP i have relay board. I try to turn on/off relay from Blynk aplication.

After reset send data and recive from blynk server. Blue led turn on.
But when i try to chage relay status, data not exchange with server and ESP.

BR Greg

Are you sure, you use the latest blynk library package?

Yes, i use the latest libray on ESP and Android.

After a few hour…

[483275] Connecting to blynk-cloud.com:8442
[484713] Ready (ping: 533ms).
[563275] Heartbeat timeout
[575037] Connecting to blynk-cloud.com:8442
[576411] Ready (ping: 471ms).
[654566] Heartbeat timeout
[661474] Connecting to blynk-cloud.com:8442
[663348] Ready (ping: 790ms).

I think is problem with answer from server.
I have i low GPRS signal. Maybe is problem, but i try with 5 diferent Gsm providers.

I need help or. direction to resolve problem.

TNX Greg

@GsmKey: That looks like mine “old” problem, when using too high BaudRate with Software Serial library. Now I’m going on hardware Serial wit NANO (Atmega) at 250k bps (yes, that high… because that is the baudrate with least error on USART while using 20MHz clock). I’m not sure if ESP has similar issue with Software Serial (never liked that library :wink: ) but you can tweak the speed and watch the results.

And regarding the signal quality: Yes, the signal has to be quite stable, because (@vshymanskyy correct me if I’m wrong) the library doesn’t monitor it at any point. I’m not sure if with that com method with modem, software can monitor it by means of result codes, but gonna check it in spare time (which is not he case for now)

Tnx for info.

I have very slow speed (9600) and software serial port. I try to use hardware, but not work.

Quality of signal si LOW, but work good on other systems.
I have passive house and signal inside is low, because insulation is with aluminium foil (Faraday kube)

I will try difeerent speed of serial port.


tnx for support. I have good news: my system works!!!

Now i have problem with stability.
I change status few times, then communication stop.
My test system is very simple. I change Virtual variable in bylink.
After this, on esp8266 run virtual procedure in change status of relay in
other virtual variable. If is ok, the i see change. If is communacation broken then
status not change.
If i tray for a cca 20 minutes then change status for a few times.


PS. HNY2017

I have Wemos D1 mini with DHT22 to control Webasto heater in my camper. Since I would like to use it even when it is not parked in front of my house I am going to add SIM800L module.

Can you please help me with code that when I am within the reach of my wifi, everything will go throuhg wifi, but when I am not connected to my wifi network, it will work over mobile network.

I am trying to use sim808 with blynk gsm example but it keeps having problem connecting to the network… As indicated on the serial monitor. Pls I really need this for my final year project.

I still need help. Have physically connected it, but never managed to use it. Since I am not using it every day, i just put a spare android phone in my camper with turned on a mobile hotspot and use normal wemos wifi solution.

But most used scenario. I am laying on my bed in a camper and I am too lazy to adjust the thermostat. I just create a mobile hot spot on the phone I am using, wemos automatically connects to it and then I just adjust the temperature.

Is the A6 supported now? I’ve just ordered one for another project so happy to test with Blynk.

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