Who's willing to try Blynk with GSM modules?

Blynk works well with WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, even USB.
And what about GSM (aka telepathy)?
Yes, yes. We have some good news for you. :wink:
Who wants to be the first to try Blynk with cheap SIM800 or SIM900 modules?

Please reply in this thread, and tell your module model.


P.S. SIM800L can be found for $3.80 on AliExpress


I have been very interested in using cellular data to monitor remote bee hives. My holdup has been finding the appropriate GSM modules and SIM cards to us in the US.

I haven’t used that module but I have been using electron gsm devices from particle with blynk

@slimfetz, Yes - we’re talking about Arduino + GSM Shields/Modules now.
This may be a much cheaper hardware.

Me tooo … Thats really great and so exited to hear. I have the Adafruit Fona 808 GSM module. Much appriciated if this can be ported to blynk …

@keithjjo, SIM800, SIM800C, SIM900, etc. can be operated worldwide because they can operate in all four GSM bands used across the world.


I’m interested to test it. Let me know more details.


I’m very interested. Will it work in India? (Also need it to work in the US).

OK, I think I will pass - not sure which module will work and I have my hands full learning this stuff right now.

I don’t know, this is why we need people to check it :wink:


I’m very interested too.
I saw that you upgraded the example SIM800_SIM900, and I try to update my arduino, but it has an error because it needs a TinyGsmClient.h: No such file or directory.
Do you know where I can download this library? Or are you still updating it?

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I’m in.

Have a big box of different Arduinos, sim900 and sim808

I’m up as beta tester of SIM800L. Bought it already.

Thanks for uploading the necessary SIM800L code on Github yesterday. About to start interface of SIM800L. Would be doing it on ATmega328p which has only one hardware serial, Let’s see how SIM800L behaves on software serial.

I also have A6 with me, it’s my 2nd preference after SIM800L

Ordered a SIM900 (Nz uses 900mhz network)

Me too!

I’am interested too modul in on the way.

Ok, thanks - still waiting for more volunteers. ( Tell your friends? :slight_smile: )
Does anyone have these cheap A6 / A6C modules?

Please everyone interested - edit your post and specify your models

How does one choose?

What do you mean? We do not choose THE ONE, we will give early access for all who want to test it. :wink:

Hi all, I sent you the instructions as a private message.
I hope I didn’t forget about anyone.

If anyone else wants to join - the rules are the same. Leave your comment here :wink:

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I am going to start a project that uses the A7. I have it on order now