Who's willing to try Blynk with GSM modules?

@vshymanskyy,i am also interested please PM me.
My friend have sim900 module .i will bought this module for testing.

Hi All,
I have a brand new (but unused since I bought it - around 1 year) SIM900 modul for Arduino. I would like to begin use it for a new Blynk project. Thanks

Count me in :smiley:


Crowtail-A6 GPRS/GSM Moddule, these 2 models

Unfortunately they are not directly supported, so unless you want to play with AT commands, and contribute to TinyGSM library - it will be of little use for you at the moment.

hmm, I guess I will order SIM800 or SIM900

I’m in.
I want to test blynk with gsm module.
Available hardware: A6 gsm module, SIM800 gsm module, Arduino nano, mega,pro mini, ESP8266.

I done some tests with gsm and http api, like blynk without blynk, actually it works

@speed57, where did you get this module? Could you please share a photo of your module? Thx.

Sure no problem :+1:t2:.

Costs $1.50 very cheap from (Aliexpress)
Those pic not mine but mine is on the way;)

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I’ve been using Blynk with the particle.io Electron (3G), which works fine, but it’s also very “chatty”, meaning that it tends to use a lot of bandwidth, which is important when you’re paying by the MB.

It would be great if there were some application setting that reduced the bandwidth requirements (probably at the expense of response time).

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I’m waitng for two M590 GSM/GPRS module to test for low cost IoT application.
Already planned to use with Blynk :slight_smile:

Oh man, sure I’m interested! Because of lack of support I even started to ‘adopt’ code from ESP AT+ (shield mode), though ‘started’ is for now too much said. I was planning to do so - would be better suited.

Well, my module is GSM 900 (reflashed GSM900A), THANK YOU!

@marvin7, that is a smart idea… and I must say it would actually work, if you do it correctly.
I had implemented such version, but then switched to a better option.

Hello, I am interested too. I have an Adafruit Fona module, which has a SIM800L chip on it.


I would be interested.
I already did some applications with SIM800 and arduino board (setting up some phone alert
for my burglar alarm).
I have several boards available : SIM908 and also A6, A7 which I have not used yet.
I have also a spare GSM sim card that can be used for these tests.

Best Wishes


I’m in!

Just ordered my first SIM800 :slight_smile:

@vshymanskyy Dear Volodymyr,
some months ago I asked you for a SIM800L library … but it was too early !!
Since then I have been working hard on this topic and now I have a system working with this modue:

connected to a ATmel 328PU via a soft serial (D2 and D3). I’m using only AT commands.

Anyway I’m very interested in testing your library and I’ll appreciate if you could send me too all the instructions.

By the way, I experienced a lot of troubles in electrically interfacing the SIM to ATmel digital pin.
At the end I solved with this interface module:

Have you had similar problems?

Best regards and congratulations for your work,

Guys, sorry you are late bit - you will have to wait for the release.
You won’t wait too long actually! :wink:

Yes please. We build a number of arduino type prototypes for customers before we start working with design houses for production and most deals we work with require GSM connectivity. Would love to use blynk for quick prototyping and have been praying for you to support GSM without having to use the user defined connection method !

Heh, I feel like Santa Claus now :wink: