Where is the historical data stored in a local server?


in which folder do i find the historical data on a local server (raspberry pi)?

Or can it just be send by mail?

Have you set-up raw data storage?


Do you mean this?


In this case you have a PostgreSQL database enabled, which is where the data is stored.

This topic, and the links within it, are a good source of info about how to connect to the DB and extract data from it…


Thank you Pete

So there is no possibility to get a simple excel sheet?

Yes, of course there is, but you do that via the app using the Export function in Superchart, or via the reports widget (of it works with local server, I’ve never tried).

Either way, you don’t need to know where the data is stored for these to work.


The thing is if i send the it via email the data will be sent to my email adress.

At the moment i am using the admin@blynk.cc on the local server but i dont know where i can open these mails. probably you cannot open emails with the admin account.

So i am going to make a separate user with an existing email an try it this way


Hi, you could get a CSV export of specific pin, programmatically via API. You do not need the APP.
If you have set a “home” Blynk server you can call


The response is a CSV, zip compressed file with the history of specified pin.
For more info:
[blynkapi · Apiary](http://API Doc)

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Yes, that should also work, but you’ll probably need to specify the port when using a local server…



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