WEMOS+w5100 shield+ Blynk need HELP

I am trying to understand how to put w5100 working with wemos. I think this is related to pin usage but I am not able to know how to modify it.

I want to test first communication between w5100 and wemos but I am unsure how to do that.

Someone here has already tested w5100 with a arduino uno based on ESP8266?

All help is welcome :slight_smile:

The aproach is publish here a working sketch with that combination.

I asume on the manual ethernet from blynk maybe pin 10 should be changed for number 15.

Will update If I see any news.


Why?? Don’t the Wemos boards already have WiFi built in? How would adding the w5100 Ethernet Adapter be of any benefit?

We are asking to cover 400 meters in line under greenhouse, Wifi works in some everoinments but as soon temperature go under 10ºC celsius coverage go down and connection is not enough. I decided to connect each Wemos to ethernet to get a good connection.

I found ethernet cable at 11 cents of euro a roll of 305 meter .

Of course test is at home and my suspect is wrong pins selection.

I still don’t get it. How are you connecting things? Can you make a little drawing or something? I’ve got a feeling we are missing something in your story.

Then skip the Wemos and use an Arduino. Otherwise I think you will be looking at more trouble then just pinouts. I don’t think you can completely disable all WiFi processes on an ESP based device and might end up with all sorts of conflicts.

Regardless, what you are asking to do is not Blynk related, so not sure how much assistance will be available… but I guess we will see :wink:

I have peppers and I must control Humidity and temperature I also use Tensiometers of irrometer plus I am making an alarm System across all the greenhouse.

Yes It is at the end I must use Blynk to control sensors and program the alarm.

Esp8266 has good SRAM and cpu the other option is Arduino Due 3x expensive, I must use almost 15 units.

Ok, I can understand you want to automate and monitor things, but I still have no idea how you are planning on achieving that.

How are you using the ethernet cable anyway? WIth ethernet ports? Did you attach ethernet ports like the ENC to the Wemos or ESP?

I want to put one switch every 50 meter with 4 ports available

ethernet cable is just for ethernet appart I use other cable for energy.

The wemos will be used for manage sensors I even designed a shield for add MCP23017 if I need more digital pins.

But If I cant connect wemos with w5100 this will frustrate my plans partially.

That’s a bit over the top. You can do with a switch every 90 or 100 meters. Good ethernet cable is certified for up to 100 meters.

And than, I assume you will have a bunch of stuff on a Arduino or other MCU controlling the Greenhouse things. That Arduino or other MCU will connect, apparently, with ethernet to your main internet connection, right? In that case you will need an Arduino to connect to the Ethernet network, not a Wemos. Unless you plan on putting up an Accesspoint in the Greenhouse and connect the Wemos to there with Wifi (which would probably a good idea).

not good for switch in line (I read it in internet) also I need sensors around each 50 meters. Maybe if the switch is in O ring could be 100 meter.

Switch will be for extend also the ehternet cable I suppose each switch could extend 100 meter on each direction.

Having worked on many long distance 1-10+Km WiFi setups that ran all year long (we get -30C around here)… Just get a good WiFi repeater and/or directional antennas (if the Wemos accept external antenna).

Not everything you read on the internet is true… Besides, I manage an Enterprise network with over 15.000 ethernet ports, so I know what I’m talking about.

Ring topology can’t be done with Ethernet because it’s a bus. You would create a loop.

Anyway, I think you have to rethink your design and consider the Accesspoint in the greenhouse scenario. I think that would be a great idea. You could attach a bunch of Wemos’ devices wireless. There is no way to connect those to the ethernet. You would need Arduino’s with ethernet ports for that.

Also, if you plan on covering more than 100meters I’d highly recommend using fiber optics instead of ethernet. For one, if lightning strikes, you don’t want the ethernet cable to transport that energy to your house network and blow everything to smithereens :slight_smile:

Step1: create a drawing of what you want instead of just trying to explain it. You’ll gain good insight and we will be able to help you much better.

I explain you;

1.-Nano station loco m2 with internet (home) to another nanostation loco m2 (500 meter good signal on top green house)
2.- Nano station loco m2 to a switch …need to cover a lot of meter

I have an access point in the greenshouse on top but it is not realiable after you go so long. This is the real situation. Circles are sensors or Switch that should be put.

Not an easy job :frowning:

Ok, more information coming in, good.

But you cannot use the W5100 with a Wemos. You need an Arduino for that. Or maybe it can be done, but there is no need for it. Why would you want a wireless board and connect it to ethernet?

Wemos is more powerful than standalone Arduino Uno.

With a lot of hassle you probably could connect the board to it physically, but chances are you cannot load the UIP library into it because that’s not made for a Wifi MCU.

Anway, did you try? You could try an ENC28J60 ethernet interface. That is just SPI and should work, but I still have my doubts about the library. I think it will not work.

I am trying wiznet w5100 ethernet shield because I bought it maybe bad choice what do you think ?

A Lamborghini is more powerful than a dune buggy, but you don’t put mudders on it and play in the dirt :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you must run cable from your router location to the greenhouse or centralized location for the Wemos devices, then simply use the cabling to go to the access point, then from there to the WiFi devices. Even a mesh network would be better than hacking ethernet into Wemos.