Wemos crashes

I made a program which sends an HTTP request and depending on the value of a Blynk button it shows one set of data on the Blynk screen or another set.

Often when I push the Blynk button to change the set of data on the screen, the Wemos crashes, I think because the HTTP request or the displaying routine is busy at that moment. Also when pushing the Blynk button several times short after each other, the Wemos crashes. I think both procedures take some time and the Wemos should do to much at the same time then.

Is it possible to postpone the actions of the BLYNK_WRITE command due to pushing the button till the time the Wemos is not busy?

Or is it possible to make the HTTP request and the Displaying routine free from interruptions?

I’d recommend that you read this topic, then edit your post to add-in the missing information…