Web page image button only opens in app browser

Hey folks, the Web page image button only opens in the App browser and not in an OS browser as it had up to last week.(approx.) None of the 3 settings appear to make a difference.
Just thought I’d mention it.


Hello, @M_Angeles. Need more information. Please read Recommendations for creating a new topic in Forum.

iOS or Android app? What app version?

My apologies…

Ver 1.10.5

@M_Angeles this issue will be fixed in next app version.


Much appreciated, and your welcome :wink:

I know I’m just a lowly free user, but do we know when the next app version will be released?

Thanks, Mike

Hello. Ther release if planned for this week. So hopefully in few days it will appear in the store.

Dmitriy, Thank you. Looks like you completed early. Both issues are resolved with update 1.11.0.

Thanks again,

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