Web Dashboard Button with a URL derived from metadata and/or datastreams

We’re looking for a button or a link that opens a specific URL for each device. We have video streams from our devices and we want to be able to open the video viewer from the Blynk dashboard.

So the button would need to hook up to metadata or a datastream so we can set the URL for each device.

Originally posted this request here: Simple button not available - #5 by wzedi

You would like to change the video streaming widget url with a button click, am I right ?

What we want is a button that opens another window hosting our video stream viewer portal.

The portal requires a device ID so the button would need to include the device ID in the URL so we need a button with a URL that is derived from maybe the device metadata.

There is currently no web dashboard equivalent of the WebPage Button widget in the app.

@Dmitriy may be able to tell you if there is one in the pipeline.