Simple button not available

The simple button widget is not available to use from the web dashboard when using the “FREE” subscription.

Looking at what is needed to transition some projects to 2.0,

There is no “simple button” widget for the web dashboard (yet) just the switch widget.

You can make it act like a button using code within the sketch, or maybe automations.

However, as there is no web dashboard at all in Blynk Legacy, the lack of web dashboard widgets shouldn’t prevent you from migrating to Blynk IoT.


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Ok I just thought the Dashboard should have the same widgets available.

No, it’s under development, but I think it’s purpose is more of a overview dashboard than having the level of functionality that the app gives.


We’re looking for a button or a link that opens a specific URL for each device. We have video streams from out devices and we want to be able too open the video viewer from the Blynk dashboard.

So the button would need to hook up to metadata or a datastream so we can set the URL for each device.

Will the button widget that is under development support this?

  • Warrick

You should create a new topic for help with this.