WAN connection for raspberry pi 4

how do I make a WAN connection between my raspberry pi and my blynk app. I’ve made a weather station using a raspberry pi 4 interfaced with a bme680, and the project works over my LAN, but I want to be able to view the blynk web app and phone app from any location over the internet (WAN). can the steps to make this happen be explained?

and also how can I port Forword for my raspberry pi using my phones mobile network connection (hotspot)

thank you!

Are you running the Blynk Legacy local server on your Pi ?


I’m not sure of what version of blynk I’m running but the version number given in the phone app is 1.14.5

That hasn’t answered my question.


I’m recycling myself from a previous made post:

I don’t think I understand the question, or what you’re trying to accomplish with that setup!? Doesn’t your RPI have its own internet connection?

My recycled quote is from this thred: