Vote for new features here and define a Blynk roadmap

Hi Blynkers,

Here is a new place where you can request new features and vote for them.
Your feedback will be used to shape a Blynk roadmap

Simply press this button and be descriptive:

Let’s build a connected world together :raised_hands:


Building a roadmap together is a great idea.
I submitted some ideas a few days ago, but they don’t appear in roadmap. I guess there is a kind of review, that implies some delays ?
any visibility on the process ?

Some visibility would be great.

There are a few items on the roadmap with >35 votes but no movement in ages.

@laurent, yes, there is a review process because people post too many duplicates

With over 500k users, even 100 votes is not a enough to understand if it’s a really needed feature. Still the biggest feature we work on is Web Dashboard and we cannot move forward before it’s launched

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