Video Widget lag question

I haven’t been able to find any discussions on this. I’m using the video widget to display a live stream. I’m using a Pi camera connected to a RPI 3 with UV4L for stream. When viewing the stream in a web browser, there is only a fraction of a second delay (i.e. panning the camera). But when viewing the same stream via the Blynk video widget, the delay is around 6 seconds. Running Blynk local server on same RPI that camera is connected to. Anyone else experience this or have ideas on how to reduce delay in Blynk video widget?


Really? Perhaps not your exact parameters, but lots of references to lag, solutions, suggestions, etc.

The video Widget in the App is not the only thing the App does, so it can be prone to a bit more lag.

Reduce the bitrate of your stream

Remove audio if available (not an issue with the PiCam)

Disable your cellular data and run the phone on WiFi on the same network as the RPi

Stop any background processes on the phone.


Thanks for your suggestions, I will give them a try. My project includes two sliders, joystick, couple of buttons to drive a rover around. Largely based on your recent project.

Yes, the lag can make for interesting out-of-line-of-sight driving. Bit like a mars rover :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cool… glad it was useful.

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