Video Streaming Widget change video url from hardware

I was testing out the Video Streaming Widget with multiple urls. "Blynk.setProperty(V3, “url”, "")" is one of the urls and works fine in the widget. I set the pin in the Video Stream Widget to V3 and using a button to change urls. They do not change. Am I missing something here? Also, when I disconnect the hardware (esp8266) I lose the pin number (V3) in the Video Widget, it just goes back to “PIN”. My Blynk App is up to date. Is it me or the widget?

@steelgoose you enter the url in the widget, not via a virtualWrite().

virtualWrite()? I could not find any instruction or examples… All I could find is the info under Video Streaming; “You can also change video url from hardware with: - Blynk.setProperty(V1, “url”, “http://my_new_video_url”);” Don’t know anything about virtualWrite()…

I entered “” in the widget URL Address" and it works. I entered two addresses using the Blynk.setProperty();… Do you have an example of the code? and what am I suppose to inter in the widget URL Address?

@steelgoose hello. Should be fixed now. Please check again.

@Costas since latest Android version you are able to set URL via setProperty.

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So I see :slight_smile:

It works… kinda… the url address will change, but the feed will not change to the new url unless I stop the project and hit the back button or anything to clear the image from the window (no image, just white), then restart the project for the new url on the address line will start up.

It appears to me that when the url is sent to the video widget, the widget needs to stop, clear, and then restart for the new url to start…

@steelgoose yeap this is not yet implemented. We will do this in next update.

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