Would like to use a GUUDGO cloud camera with Video Widget


For my project i successfully use video streaming widget with Foscam FI8910W using http://Ipaddress:235/videostream.cgi?user=xxxx&pwd=xxxxx&resolution=320*240&rate=2.
Now i would like to use a GUUDGO cloud camera but it seems i can not use the same address format.
May someone give me some suggestion ?

Have you tried the suggestions from this site:


Hi @PeteKnight,

thank you for the suggestion. I’ve made some trials but I’m afraid i don’t understand the right address format for the widget.
To access to the camera by browser I use : https://www.eyeplusiot.com/login that request email address, password and Captcha code.
Is it possible the captcha code is the problem ?

YES, Blynk AI has not yet reached higher sentient levels required for Captcha :stuck_out_tongue:

OH, and the web based URL is an issue as well :wink: … The video widget expects to see a direct video stream URL. Check with the camera manufacture to see if and how they allow/format that URL.

As @Gunner says, you need to be using a URL that takes you to the direct video stream and you need to be passing any username and password credential in the URL, as you do with the Foscam camera.