Using Dashboard in Blynk

Dear all

I am new to writing code on web page based application.I have used esp85266/nodemcu module and using blynk mobile app. i could build my project. Now i wanted to display same data over Dashboard.
Some people uses MQTT and nodered to create their dashboard.I would like to know

  • weather blynk having its own dashboard where i could drag and drop the icon like mobile app and display the data

  • How can create my own dashboard using nodered application. Is there any simple web page created. i need example code where i could send and receive response with charts.

*i have gone through forum here.where few people created good web pages . if i get part of source code like get data , displaying data, config the display parameter it will be more helpful.

There’s an official Blynk web dashboard in the pipeline. It’s discussed more in the later stages of this topic:

As you’ll see, the last ETA was sometime last month - but don’t hold your breath. It’s probably not worth asking “are we there yet” either.

I use Node-Red extensively, and played with the dashboard but soon abandoned it. Node-Red dashboard is code-free, but has some severe limitations. You also have to manually manage the transfer of data between Node-Red and Blynk and back again (which you would with any system) and that can be a pain if you’re using Node-Red and MQTT messages to talk to your devices rather than running Blynk code on those devices.

Have you seen this topic:

(Last time I tried, it didn’t work on Safari on an iOS device, but it’s fine on my desktop device).


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