Using D1 & D2 pins in place of GPIO numbering

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Can i ask, RXPin and TXPin represent D1 and D2?

Depending on the board and IDE settings, yes it should be possible to use the silk screened “labeling” in the sketch, in most cases.

However, it is still a better idea to use the proper GPIO translation as that keeps your code more “universal”. I keep conversion charts handy for just that purpose.

Both the NodeMCU and Wemos D1 Mini use same numbering, but for physical layout here are two images.

No, as per the pinout diagrams provided by @Gunner GPIO 12 and 13 are D6 and D7. Unlike the Arduino’s where GPIO #'s == silkscreen #'s almost all the ESP8266 board producers don’t show GPIO numbers on their boards.

Assuming I was interpreting the OP question correctly :thinking: … Since the original code was using Software Serial, then the OP could use D1 (GPIO 5) and D2 (GPIO 4) if wanted (and wired acordingly) but as just proven, it is much safer to use the GPIO numbering all the time lest everyone get confused :wink:

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