Use Smartphones' Sensors and Actuators

Up to now, Blynk focuses on displaying data and sending commands.

As a matter of facts, the iOS and Android smartphones are packed with many sensors —light, accelerometer, compass, microphone, camera, keyboard— and actuators —sound.

I’d like Blynk to leverage the sensors and actuators of the smartphones for a richer experience.

This idea is similar to 1Sheeld, but without the limitations. 1Sheeld requires dedicated hardware and is only compatible with Android.



You’re right! All this is already in our roadmap. Working right now on GPS for Android.


While we are still working on it, could you please share your ideas of how would you use it? Some real-life use cases?


What @Dmitriy says would be nice. You could open your garage door automatically when in front of it based on your GPS location.

Maybe control a relay or stepper by turning/rotating your phone left or right using the gyroscope? I can’t think of anything else now, but the garagedoor already sounds nice!

For me, an obvious trigger would be when I connect to or disconnect from my home wifi. Having lights and appliances enabled when I arrive home, and disabled when I leave would be perfect.


Hm… That’s indeed very nice idea.

How about using accelerometer data for steering an R/C car? Tilt your phone forward/back, left/right.

If you can monitor the microphone, you could trigger events based on a loudness threshold.

You could use GPS information to light up indicators on a physical map hanging on the wall, showing where each family member is. You could even make something like the family locator clock in the Weasley’s house in Harry Potter.


WiFi detection was on my list :)I even discovered that it’s possible to detect switching between cellular towers, which means that some events can be triggered without using GPS for location. It’s still in research, but sounds really promising.

Sky’s the limit with Blynk :smiley:


It would be nice if my home alarm system can be deactivated if my phone connects to the home Wifi :slight_smile:

Connection to a specific SSID might not be a sensor strictly speaking, but it does open up a lot of possibilities.

There are so many possibilites of using Blynk :slight_smile:

Or at least automatically prompted to enter the correct code to turn off the alarm and unlock the door.

I think this one could be done much easier with Blynk if the smartphone sensors were available :smile:

A small variant: My wife would love to know if I’m on my way home :slight_smile:


I wanted to write an app for that on iphone called inbound. Trigger communications based on current location/direction/time of day/route etc to particular contact with a pre determined message so as to not interrupt the driver with texting/ tweeting or calling

The accelerometer can be used to remote control a RC car or a quad-copter.

The GPS can trigger heating or A/C.

And so on…

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Hi, that would be good if I can stream any sensors data on my smartphone to Blynk server to be pass on to my Blynk hardware, and perhaps this model is the best to be adopted for Blynk Apps:

We can turn on and off any sensor we want, and set the reading rate.

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@akm17 sure you are right. All this is already in our todo list. So stay tuned!

Hi…a use case that I don’t see mentioned is use of actual GPS position for several marine/boating applications. For example, to allow more accurate anchoring in various anchorages (or detect slipping of anchor by setting a geofence); to enable alerts when reaching or traveling past certain points-of-interest; remote monitoring of vessel location and performance sent by phone/GSM ; using GPS + heading + accelerometer + wind data for realtime racing tactics; etc. As an active sailor, It’d be great to see lots of Blynk-enabed apps spring up around “smart boats” applications. Thanks.

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GPS Widget is planned, but it was postponed for a while. Stay tuned!

I would like to be able to control thru blynk with my smartphone accelerometer. I’m planning to control my lowrider hydraulic suspension with blynk thru BLE to an arduino. But the coolest would be if I can control it by tilting my phone, an the the cars suspension react to that tilting. :grin:

@Anton_c soon, very soon :wink:

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