Use Ifttt to control the built in led

I am trying to use webhooks with IFTTT to control a arduino built in led. I try to follow this link to create a webhooks. however, i am not able to to found the Webhooks in the Developers section of the Settings menu.
I found out that it said I am able to access to Developer features. However, I just cannot found this page in my blynk account. can I know where is it located?

To control device with IFTTT you will need API, check this out

Thank you. however, how can I implement the code??

The easiest way to do this is

  1. Create a new digital datastream and choose pin 13 in the datastream configuration.

  2. Use the following url sample :

Thank you but I am not able to open the link. I got this when I try to click it

{"error":{"message":"Invalid token."}}

You should put your device auth token in the url.

But I thought i need something like

// Set IFTTT Webhooks event name and key
#define IFTTT_Key "YOUR KEY"
#define IFTTT_Event "email"


send_webhook(IFTTT_Event,IFTTT_Key,"Hi its Wemos!","value 2","value 3");

to connect it to the ifttt server and control other device such as light bulb

No, you don’t need anything like this at all.

then how can i set up in the ifttt webpage??

Would you like using Google assistant or alexa to control the device ?

No, i am using ifttt to control it.
The project is about using a ultrasonic sensor with UNO board to control and philp light bulb through ifttt.

So you would like to send the ultrasonic sensor data to IFTTT ?

yes, just like if anything enters a range such as 5m, then the philp light bulb will on.

This is not related to topic name but it’s okay, you don’t need IFTTT to achieve this, you will do this in the sketch using if statement.

what do you mean by dont need IFTTT to do this? that is a household philips light bulb not those small one. It requires a socket to light it up.

I recommend you to try the sketch first with any light to make sure everything is okay, then you have to use http client in your sketch to send the data to IFTTT. Read this topic :

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I’ve never used webhook as trigger before, now I understand how things work.

I know but I want to use UNO as the main board instead of 8266. I read the Webhook widget link that you gave me. and I found out this code.[quote=“thorathome, post:13, topic:54152”]

[/quote]. I am trying to see if this can work.

I think the problem you’ll face when trying to port this example across to your Uno+ESP-01 hardware is that the HTTP Client used in the examples isn’t available in the BlynkSimpleShieldEsp8266.h library.

The BlynkSimpleShieldEsp8266.h is a very basic wrapper library which converts Blynk protocol commands into AT commands and vice-versa.
Very few additional commands are available within this library, so I don’t know of a way to get an HTTP client to hook into this library. That’s not to say that it isn’t possible, just that I don’t know of a way to achieve this.

Are you 100% tied to the Uno+ESP-01 hardware platform?

If you are able to figure-out a way to make external API calls with your existing hardware and the BlynkSimpleShieldEsp8266.h library then please share your findings.