Uno with wifi and blynk


I am trying to setup my uno with wifi (one board) to work with blynk.

I have tried using the code generator and uploading that to the ESP 8266. It works as far as the app is concerned, comes online etc but i think i am missing something.

I have done a heap of reading and i think i need to put an AT firmware on the ESP 8266 and upload the sketch to the uno?

I am assuming i can put the AT firmware on via the normal method of programming it? (pins etc)

Then upload the sketch to the uno and it uses the esp8266 as a communication method.

As you can tell i am fairly green with this stuff but have a decent knowledge of electronics/computers outside this.

Thanks in advance

Oh dear!

No, you need to use a special utility.

TBH, you’d be better using the board as a paperweight and buying a decent board…


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Thanks for the positive response

I have flashed AT V2.2.1 on to the ESP8266 today.

Using the example generator selecting arduino board and ESP8266 wifi conection method i can get it to connect to wifi and can ping it. Tells me that the uno is talking with the eso8266

Doesnt show as active in the app though.

Now just working on how to get it working now. I have read others have done it so it is possible.So i will keep playing with it


I flashed firmware 2.2.1 to the ESP and used a modified blynk esp8266 shield example. Works a treat.

Lucky i didnt throw away my useless board isnt it?

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They (older Arduinos) are never useless… just a little harder to get started with (for IoT, but a great teaching experience), and great for experimenting with. None of this worrying about 3.3v pins, metric-butt-ton of GPIO in the case of the MEGA… slower than current gen, yes, but still plenty nuf power and memory for IoT and even robotics.

It’s taken you 4 days to get to the point where you really start having fun.
Order a NodeMCU for a few $ and you’ll be up and running in a few minutes without the need for any wiring. The little board will just sit there and do it’s job and you’ll be able to do things like update it wirelessly and interrogate it for its WiFi signal strength. It will also be processing your code faster and have more memory for running your sketches.
You won’t want to go back to your Arduino and ESP-01 after that, and the Arduino will be consigned to a drawer where it gathers dust - unless you’re name is @Gunner of course! :crazy_face:


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What can I say, I is ol’skool :older_man: :school: … I still have a 4WD rover using UNO & ESP-01… that is all it needs and saves my ESPs for other tasks. And nothing beats my MEGA & ESP-01 with large GPIO availability for messing around with.

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I always go back to UNO when testing new concepts or sensors (new to me) . . . it has a decade of support, libraries and examples . . . once I get the basics working on UNO I migrate to ESP, then Blynk as a final step . . .

Nothing wrong with ol’skool!


I’ve heard that @Gunner snuggles-up to a Mega at night, rather than a teddy bear :grinning:


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Some like vintage model A’s and some play with Lamborghini’s. Lucky there’s clubs for both. (This forums a hybrid :joy:, has em both)