Unable to turn GPIO/LED on/off

I am back after 5 years of blynk “abstinence”, need help getting back to routine

  • I have set up Raspberry Pi 4 B (WiFi), updated Raspbian, everything works fine
  • Blynk library installed, token submitted
  • Raspberry connected to Blynk cloud, v1.0.1 linux
  • Blynk App installed on iPhone
  • new project created (Button to switch on/off LED), wiring on breadboard correct (…LED works if connected to 5 V Pin)
  • Button works on the iPhone (switches from on to off)
    -No response on LED…
    _What could be the problem? THX for help!

Which library?

Blynk 2.0 doesn’t currently support

Which App (Blynk IoT NEW or Blynk 0.1 Legacy)?

Blynk 2.0 doesn’t currently support direct GPIO manipulation, only virtual pins are supported.


Library: I used these commands to install
sudo apt-get install git-core
git clone https://github.com/blynkkk/blynk-library.git
Blynk App Version 2.26.7

THX Chris

So C++ library?
Are you using WiringPi ?


as far as I know, yes to question 1
wiring Pi is installed, so yes to question 2
THX Chris

WiringPi was deprecated in 2019.

You should probably use Python or Node.js as your programming language, or use a different client device such as a NodeMCU or ESP32.
I’m not sure if Python or Node.js work with Blynk 2.0 yet, so my preference would be to use a different hard ware device as your client.

Either way, you need to use virtual pins with Blynk 2.0, and have the appropriate virtual pin handlers in your code. This is how they work in C++…


I have used Python for some simple projects in the past, but I was hoping to get around actual programming the Pi by means of the Blynk. app… :wink:
The idea of the whole project is to remotely monitor temperatures of my thermal solar panels (an other temperatures of my heating system) plus I like & know the Pi from using craftbeerPi in my brewery…
Would using the legacy Blynk App help in managing the GPIO’s?
What would your suggest be the best way to proceed in this situation?

THX Chris

@Pete: old NodeMCU works perfectly, THX Chris

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