Two way server settings in the App


current scenario for connecting to Local server

as every Blynker here tried Local server we all know that he must change to custom server settings and define his local IP and port.
lets assume the user want to access his local server from outside he will need to open port - port forwarding - in his router to exposed the server to outside world.
and he must again change the custom server setting to the wan IP of his local server.

purposed new way

  • app will have two destination settings for local server , normal local IP combined with SSID of home network for example.
    so the the app will connect to the assigned IP and port if the phone connected to SSID called XXXX.
  • and also there will be one more server setting while you are not at same network of your local server is.
    and that can be an IP if your lucky and have a dedicated or static IP address , or you can use any free Dynamic DNS service.
  • in the server itself you can integrate the DynDNS or Duck DNS- which is free - so user can configure it from the Admin UI of Blynk server.

mainly it should be something similar to the Pic below
“please don’t show this to the great UIX person on Blynk maybe he will commit suicide :slight_smile:

that’s it , let take our Blynk heroes opinion @Pavel @Dmitriy @vshymanskyy

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@scropion86 see also Changing my email address and the reply.

That depends if your router is capable of local loopback. That way you can always use the external IP of your Internet connection. Most home routers are capable of this. There is no need to change the IP setting in your since it will, in either situation, only listen on the local IP.

this post is for a totally different subject , what i mean is to have something similar to openHAP app how it’s connecting to the server side.

assume no change in Blynk server side , on the Mobile App after selecting server settings “Custom server” you will have two settings.

  • if you cionnected to your Home SSID , the app will send requests for example to
  • if you anywhere else the app will send requested to your static IP or Dyn DNS service you are using.

please re-check the main post i have updated it.

@scropion86 I don’t have a clue what you are trying to say.

Your post indicated additional server settings. My post indicated additional server settings, hence the link.

Now you are referring to openHAP. Confused.

i am refeering to openHAP app setings not the server

Blynk app to change to be like that.

I think you need to modify your OP again to include openHAB (not openHAP) including openHAB URL and openHAB Remote URL.

Are you saying you want Blynk server access to be like openHAB or for Blynk to interface with openHAB?

Hello. Yeap, this feature is nice. However we are very busy now with other features :wink:

I’d love this feature, since most routers have no local loopback capabilities or have them disabled for security reasons. I personally have to re-login everytime I leave home. But the bigger problem is that I can’t share the app with my family if part of it is inside LAN and others are outside it…

Definitely +1 on this.

You can share access from anywhere.