Using Blynk when internet connection crash

Good afternoon. I need to control a domotic system based on ESP8266 Nodemcu, so I think Blynk could be usefull for me.
I tried with the basic Blynk App, over the internet and works fine, but I would like that if internet connection crash (for some hours or days) I could keep working the devices in the same LAN, and keep controling those devices with android Blynk App (smartphone connected to the same LAN).

Is that possible?

Have you tried logging in through your local IP instead of your public one? Should be no difference in connection only that once you leave your LAN you’ll need to change the login address again?

Edit: I presume you have an local server? Anyways I just tested my local IP instead of my public and it worked

@Dmitriy, perhaps a feature to add to the Android/ios app? A second login address so you can first try a LAN connection and if it fails it will try the public address?

@Fettkeewl You need to choose either local server or Blynk cloud. You can’t use both. At least it is not in roadmap for nearest future.

@Dmitriy I was actually thinking more like this for the custom server side:

  1. Attempt connect to LAN server
    2. If connect fails
    3. Attempt connect to pub server


i have asked the same here is the post but unfortunately still not implemented