Two Mobile Device, Map Trigger


I have a project with map trigger widget. Widget connected to V7 pin. I enabled gps.

Question: I logged in with my blynk account on two android phones. I am controlling my home automation with these devices but map trigger is not working. I guess two device is not suitable for this or i am missing something.Any idea?

When logging into same project, each phone will be trying to control/utilise the trigger… I have no idea if/how to isolate one phone short of disabling its GPS from Blynk App

I turned off one phones location services but got same result. If i turn off location services in one device, can i get gps values from another phone to device?
Simple turn on/off button for location services for blynk app may be useful.

P.s. i want to control my security system with gps so i need this feature on two devicew

There is no way that I am aware of to make the project determine which phone is which. I think I recall Pavel doing something but not sure if there was any specifics.

Use the Advanced Search in this this forum for keywords like maps and GPS in posts done by Pavel… Search for other posts by anyone else as well :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ok. I will work on it. if i found a solution, i can compile all of it.

Thank you for yor attention.

I do it with IFTTT Location + Maker Channel to Blynk.

  • Person A sends IFTTT trigger to V0
  • Person B sends IFTTT trigger to V1

Then on the hardware I can compare and, for example, decide if I should arm/disarm the motion detection alarm.

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Just a few minutes ago i found that and came here to write this. I am really happy to find same solution :smiley: Also i am working on big detailed demonstration about ifttt, blynk, home automation. List is getting bigger

Thank you.

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I solved that with ifttt. First it did not worked but i disabled battery saver to work gps services on background.

It works great now. Topic can be marked as solved. Thanks for your help

@yilmazyurdakul Well, I am glad you figured it out :stuck_out_tongue: I have never used IFTTT so not a clue how you solved it :blush:

Is IFTTT location + Maker Channel some form of App installed on each phone to send different signals to the sketch?? Googling it seems to indicate a website as a channel for… well, makers, so not sure that is the correct search parameter. I think I need to read much more on this :thinking:

I am working on a big tutorial about all of my peoject but i cant find enouhj time to finish. I am a teacher :slight_smile:

Each phone has ifttt app and individal ifttt account. First phone sends value to virtual pin 6, second pin sends value to 7. I get that values and using ‘or’ function in if cycle.

Also i am using cortana first device, google assistant on second device. I will share all my codes, circuits and mistakes

Thank you for your attention


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