Problem of 2 device with widged GPS?

hi, how you resolve the problem of 2 device with widged GPS?

Instead of reopening old topics, please supply current details of your issue.

Sorry, i ask me how use widget gps trigger when i have shared my project. how it behaves l’app? My project does this: When my device is out of range gps, disable a number of Virtual pin. How works when i have a device always in home?

I don’t think there is a way to have more then one GPS Stream in a single project, as the stream comes from the phone, So sharing (which is ment more as demo, not practical use) or having extra phones (logged into same account) will be sending their own stream to that same vPin without any way to differentiate themselves.

The topic where you posted your query mentioned IFTTT, and multiple accounts.

This topic:

is about how you can use IFTTT geo-fencing as an alternative to Blynk GPS Trigger (which isn’t available in iOS, hence the above thread).