Twitter on local server - any progress?


last topic I found was from 2017, did you made any progress in adding Twitter feature for local server users?


Currently there are recent reports it is not working on Cloud now either. But no, nothing official mentioned about it ever working on Local Server.

Hi. This is rarely used feature so we have no plans to make it work.

Does this count for Cloud users as well?


OK, so maybe you can suggest some other way to push notifications to mobile devices? I recently built some kind of alarm sensor powered by Blynk (NodeMCU) and i need it to notify me immediately when it detects movement.

Any ideas? E-mail is not an option, since it takes some time to notify about incoming messages.

Blynk notification widget, pushover, pushbullet etc etc.


Blynk notification widget - doesn’t it only notify when a device goes offline? Or am I doing something wrong?

EDIT: Oh. I missed i have to implement it on my device software. I’ll try it this afternoon.

Pushover, pushbullet - i can’t see such widgets, where can I find them?

No, notify when offline is an option, but you can send custom notifications from code.

Pushover and pushbullet are 3rd party products. You install the app on your device (a bit like Twitter) and send a message from your Blynk device either via their email gateway or via their API.

I’ve used pushover quite a bit in the past and it’s a nice tool.


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Ok, thanks for your support. You’re the best!

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