TV on/off (arduino board/IR)

Hey everyone.
i wonna use an arduino board to Turn on/off my TV by IR . i wonna do it with a single button . could u plz help me on this?
i would really appreciate it if u give me the actual codes :slight_smile: .
these are my TV Codes :
irsend.sendSAMSUNG(0xE0E019E) // TV off
irsend.sendSAMSUNG(0xE0E040BF) // TV on

Hello and welcome to the Blynk Forum. We can give you actual assistance, but we are not a code factory.

There are many reference pages that will guide you in learning to use Blynk… All these links are at the upper right of this page.

Particularly check out the Search function for other TV and IR Control topics:

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