Trouble with Virtual Pinning/ BLYNK_WRITE

Hi there,

very new to all of this but working through it. I’ve done a lot of reading on controlling digital pins with the blynk IoT interface, and I understand that I have to assign a virtual pin to do any hardware switching given the current software state. I am simply trying to get the switch widget to work with a single channel relay. I am using the dummy code off of the BLYNK website and I have no idea how to get it to work. Do I have to define BLYNK_WRITE in the beginning of my code? tearing my hair out and got the rest of my project working. would love some help or direction for code template. sorry if the questions are reductive, I am having a great time learning this way, just struggling to find resources relevant to my problem. Thanks!!

Have you read this?…


indeed I have, and found it very useful in understanding the basic concepts. when it comes to coding however, I cant quite get the basic idea to execute. I formatted your basic concepts into my code and am running into basic conflicts that I cant overcome. I was hoping, as I asked in my initial question, for some basic clarification on the concepts of virtual pinning and the Blynk interface with said pinning. thanks again for your article it has been the best thing I’ve come across so far explaining the concept, just struggling to get it to come to life.

Rather than talking in vague generalised terms, it would probably be better if you were more specific.

Talk about a real-world project where you want to achieve a specific result, and share the code that you can’t get to execute -along with details of what isn’t working, and what it is that you are hoping would work.

You should also share details of your datastream configuration for the virtual pin(s) you are using, and the widgets that you have connected to these datastreams.