Trouble with joystick after updates

Sorry, same issues again… Sometimes it works fine, sometimes it doesn’t… New log file sent to you.

Same issues with joystick or with both?

As i haven’t find what could cause joystick’s issue, but i’ve added a fix for slider one.

Hi @BlynkAndroidDev!

The slider works much better now, sometimes, it does a fast movement up or down and returns to the last position.
The joystick, at the moment, goes to the center almost always, sometimes is a bit lazy and stops other position rather than the center

A bit confused… sorry

We will investigate this issue with joystick further

Thanks @BlynkAndroidDev, much appreciated. - i’ve rewrote some things in joystick’s return to center animation, please check this build

Hi @BlynkAndroidDev!

With your last build, the joysticks works really fine now!!! It goes straight to the center when I’m not touching it. Perfect now!!!

Regarding the slider, I’m wondering the way it works… I mean… When the slider is fixed to some value, the APP send this information to the Local Server (in my case) and the Local Server to the Device… this is well known for all of us…

is there some kind of lack of feedback sent from Server to the APP that could affect the slider?? My APP is pointing at my Public IP, so I can manage my devices out of my home through my Mobile Data.
Maybe there’s a combination between the amount of information used for the slider to refresh its status and a bad Mobile signal…

Can a bad Mobile signal do this kind of strange behaviours (move the slider as it was jumping across the bar)?? At home the slider works like a charm.

Please, keep in mind I know almost nothing regarding the way Blynk APP works internally… I’m not a programmer… I’m just a user trying to help a bit and learn…

it’s great that joystick is fixes.

on slider - i don’t know are you sending data from your board to the app, but yep, if some data is sent from board to the same pin it could affect slider. it could work in some way as progress indicator. but by default slider is not receiving data from board - it’s just writing data to it.

I have checked the code (just in case) and definitely I’m not sending data from my board to the slider, I’m only reading data from app.

I really think it’s because of bad Mobile signal… at home, no matter if I’m using 4G or WiFi, both items work properly… so… issue solved for me.

Thanks again for your time!

Hm, yep, i think bad mobile signal could cause such issues - as if it drops and returns - on return app makes relogin and loads latest saved profile - that’s why it could return slider to previous position. We’ll need to think how to workaround such issues.

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Hi BlynkAndroidDev,
I am facing the same issue of 2axis joystick.
And tried to download the debug apk, but the link seems to be invalid now.
Could you upload the apk again?

@kosuho This topic is very old… as is the App version in question. Blynk will not release old APK files… and while you could probably find one on the web, it will not work with all the updates done with the Server and Libraries in the past two years :wink:

Please make a NEW topic, detailing your issue with the (current) joystick widget for further assistance.