Trouble with joystick after updates

Hi guys, I have two problems, all of them after the last update, I use the joystick with one axis, however update after it was removed, I started using the joystick two axes however after the last update the auto return started giving problems

Hello. Please provide more info. iOS, Android? What exactly do you mean by “giving problems”?

My system is Android 5.1, the auto return function do not return the joystick for center, this trouble It started to occur after update, before update run normally

@ronwit does it happens with new added joystick’s?

Hi @BlynkAndroidDev!
I’ve got same issues so I did a video to show you the strange things it does.
Even the slider is not working properly. Please, see below:
The autoreturn in “ON” and the Rotate on Tilt “OFF”

Thanks for your help and support!!!

thanks for video!

I see that joystick is not returning to a center and returns to a smaller value? will try to reproduce this issue

Also we have heard about issues with slider - but i could not reproduce it on my device. will try again.

It does the same, no matter if I move the joystick to 255 or to 0, it should go directly to the center and sometimes it goes a bit crazy…

i’ve created the same project and doesn’t see such issues. are you sure it is not an issue with touch on your device?

i could prepare some debug build with logging this issues on your devices to understand what happens.

My touch screen works fine… I’ve installed a “Screen Touch Test” and the result is OK
My smartphone is a LG G3 (8 months…) It works fine

ok, when i’ll have time - i’ll attach here a logging build, if it is possible for you to install it and send me the log of the application work.


Yes, no worries, but you will have to tell me step by step what I have to do…


If you need more details, you will find them here:

This is my project. The only difference is the two axis joystick instead the single one… (I miss the “single axis”…:cry:)

We have decided to remove one axis joystick, that’s why it’s missing now.

Yes, I know it, it’s a pity…
I did a suggestion for a new design…

The main concern was the space at the dashboard if I’m not wrong

@psoro @ronwit

guys, please, try this build -

it should fix slider’s issue, and it will log joystick’s updates. to send them to me - just long press the text on a green titlebar and it will show ‘send log’ dialog, select your email client and add my email:

I’m sorry but I can’t try this build… I’m not able to install the APK… I don’t know why…
I click on install and after 3 seconds a message appears saying the “the application is not installed”. Ideas?
I can install APK from unknown sources… I don’t understand why I can’t do it…:confounded:

Maybe just not enough space?

Almost 3 Gb free space… I’ll try tomorrow again… Time to sleep at Spain…:wink:

@psoro it’s debug build - you need to remove the build from store to use it

Thanks @BlynkAndroidDev I did it!!
Your new build works perfect now!!! The joystick goes straight to the center without strange movements and the slider is also fine.
Check your inbox with the log file.

Kind regards

What do I have to do now? Should I delete your build and install the oficial one? Let me know. Thanks.
As the issue has been solved, I’ll delete the video at YouTube… It’s not necessary to keep it anymore…