Trouble when adding a new user to the organization and resent invitation

having trouble sending invitations to new user accounts to join my organization.

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having trouble

What do you mean? Please add more information. Do you see some error?

I’m trying to send an invitation to my organization to share my project and it won’t let me enter the new email so I can send the invitation. We tried several different emails and it doesn’t work.

Do you mean that the email filed is greyed-out or unable to be selected for text entry, or that when you enter an email address it’s rejected in some way, or that you are able to enter an email address but the recipient never receives the email?


Exactly as you explain, it does not allow me to send you, I get the following message “This email address already exists” and I have also added an email that never receives the invitation. Both situations happen to me.

This means that the user already has a Blynk account of their own which uses this email address.
As a result, they have their own Blynk organisation linked to that email and can’t be invited to join your organisation.
The user needs to supply you with an alternative email address that hasn’t already been for a Blynk account.

The user should check their junk mail folder.

In future, when you’re asking for assistance on the forum it will be much better if you supply this type of information in your initial post, rather than having to be asked several times until you provide the necessary info.