Trouble selecting PIN number and virtual/digital option in widget - Esp32 (keeYee)

So my issue is I have a dummy code that works outside of blynk and was able to fire the gpio27 pin properly with my code, but I can’t get the widget to fire the pin when the widget is switched on. I tried using virtual 27 but it didn’t work? And also virtual 11 I also have tried digital 11 and that didn’t work.

I believe this is just a dumb issue I’m having since it’s my first project and most tutorials seems to breeze through this step so I’m lost in my case.

Blynk legacy or Blynk iot?

There is no connection between virtual pin numbers and the physical pins on whatver type of board you are using.
You need to take those virtual pin commands an turn them into instructions to control the physical pins, in your sketch.
You should read this…


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