Timing references to RPi & NodeJS

@Gunner this example is blocking and completely unacceptable in JS world. you should use setTimeout/setInterval/clearInterval API

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@Gunner - you are amazing. This post is incredibly helpful. My only request is a Bridge example :star_struck:

@vshymanskyy - Thanks for making the note on timers- the setInterval and setTimeout functions are super intuitive/easy to use, but are there ANY sort of clash issues with Blynk when using these built-in JS timer functions you describe above- similar to the issues one would see when using the ‘delay’ function in C++?

Wow, OK, thanks for the heads up… And here I found it on a JS teaching page that was all about timing options :stuck_out_tongue:

I will checkout the others… I think I saw them referenced there as well… but at the ‘time’, I just needed something for a quick 1 second delay… and it DID work at least for that :slight_smile: Time to learn more and update my post :nerd_face:

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exactly opposite :wink:

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