Thermostat blynk-nextion in progress

1st part: nextion display, standalone mode


P1B P1R P2B P2R P3B P3R Scheduler

fan_green fan_green1 fan_green2 Fan_red Fan / Pump

giphy2 giphy4 Blink Led

flamme Boiler

fleche_dn fleche_up Temp setting

cold sun Season

wifi signal Wifi signal

power-button-black power-button-black2 Display on/off

alerte cadena Alert / lock

btn_parametre Setup and boiler control


BT18 Display on/off , touch press event

  dim=va2.val // backlight off
page 3 // goto page 3

page 3 touch press event

dim=255 // backlight on
page 0 // return to first page

How to animate Fan ?
I’ve created One timer tm0 and one Variable va0
this is timer event :

bt12.pic=va0.val //bt12 is fan
if(va0.val>38) //36 to 38 are the png fan pic, corresponding to the 3 fan pics positions to make it turn.

Last graphic release :thinking:


signal strength
signal0 signal1 signal2 signal

Next step, the sketch :shushing_face:


Hi Alexis

Can we have more details about your Nextion Display?

I found many models & sizes


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another layout I found (idea)

Yes, I saw it.
The mine is home made :shushing_face:

did you get your nextion display @Ze_Pico ?
I 'm working on nextion HTTP upload at the moment !

Hey @Blynk_Coeur did you get nextion HTTP upload working? Do you have a video or sources for me to look at?

Hey @daveblynk !

This is my code to upload nextion through HTTP
I used ESP8266 and I can upload at 57600, I tried 115200 but unfortunately it was unsuccessful .
I think it is due to the limit of ESP8266’s virtual serial port.
May be ESP32 is better because there are three serial ports on it.

const char* fwUrlBase = ""; // python server needed
const char* ssid = "SSID"; /// put your AP SSID here
const char* password = "PASS"; /// put your AP PASSWORD

/// HTTP OTA dependencies ///
#include <ESP8266HTTPClient.h>
#include <ESP8266httpUpdate.h>
#include <WiFiClient.h>
WiFiClient client;

#define NxBaud  57600
#define SrlBaud 115200

#include <ESPNexUpload.h>
bool updated          = false;
int count = 0;

void setup() {

  // initialize ESPNexUpload
  ESPNexUpload nextion(NxBaud);

  WiFi.begin(ssid, password);
  if (WiFi.status() != WL_CONNECTED) {
    Serial.println("Connecting to Wifi AP...");
    for ( int i = 0; i < 300; i++) {                  ///       try to connect to WiFi for max 30s
      if (WiFi.status() == WL_CONNECTED) {
        Serial.printf("it is connected after %d seconds", (i / 10));
  if (WiFi.status() == WL_CONNECTED) {
    //if you get here you have connected to the WiFi
    Serial.println("\nconnected...yesss! :)");
    checkForUpdates() ;
  } else {
    Serial.println("TimeOut! Not Connected even after 10 Seconds trying...\n *** Something wrong happened. It did not connected... *** ");

void loop() {

void checkForUpdates() {
  Serial.println("http start ... ");

  HTTPClient httpClient;
  httpClient.begin( client, fwUrlBase );
  int httpCode = httpClient.GET();
  int contentLength = httpClient.getSize();

  Serial.print("httpCode ");
  Serial.println (httpCode);
  Serial.print("contentLength ");
  Serial.println (contentLength);

  if ( httpCode == 200 ) {
    // Update the nextion display
    Serial.println("File received. Update Nextion...");
    bool result;

    // initialize ESPNexUpload
    ESPNexUpload nextion(57600);
    //ESPNexUpload nextion(74880);

    // Progress upload.....
    nextion.setUpdateProgressCallback([]() {
      Serial.print(count / 10);
      Serial.println(" %");

    // setup serial connection, send update command and send the expected update size
    result = nextion.prepareUpload(contentLength);

    if (!result) {
      Serial.println("Error: " + nextion.statusMessage);
    } else {
      Serial.print(F("Start upload. File size is: "));
      Serial.println(F(" bytes"));

      // Upload the received byte Stream to the nextion
      result = nextion.upload(*httpClient.getStreamPtr());

      if (result) {
        updated = true;
        Serial.println("\nSuccesfully updated Nextion!");

      } else {
        Serial.println("\nError updating Nextion: " + nextion.statusMessage);

      // end: wait(delay) for the nextion to finish the update process, send nextion reset command and end the serial connection to the nextion
  } else {
    // else print http error
    Serial.println(String("HTTP error: ") + httpClient.errorToString(httpCode).c_str());

  Serial.println("Closing connection\n");
/// End of main function that performs HTTP OTA ///

Did you mess with iotappstory? They have a OTA update for Nextion that isn’t well documented but looks rather simple If it is like the esp OTA. (Maybe you like the hard way🤷‍♂️) I have been playing with their OTA for my D1 Minis but 2 out of 3 keep loosing their certificates. (That’s a different topic) My displays are sitting on the other side of the pond waiting for me but I’m trying to learn some stuff before I get there. (Difficult for me).

I’m too lazy :joy:
And I use Python server, because I use it for blynk images, it’s really easy to update Nextion.

Work in progress …
New Smart thermostat with forecast station and fuel tank control
Wifi signal strength and Blynk connection control
NodeMcu - Nextion 3.5" - openweathermap API - DHT22 - HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor