The user can't see any devices on the Plus subscription

Hello, I’m using Blynk 2.0 and have a Plus subscription. Today, all my user accounts can’t see any devices. Is there any issue? I have checked the Roles And Permissions section and all permissions for users to view and control devices are enabled. So why can’t they see the devices? Has anyone encountered a similar issue?

Update: I noticed that the “view devices” and “control devices” options for users are disabled in the Organization Devices section. Why is that? As far as I know, the Plus package allows all users to see all devices in the organization, right?


The same problem applies to me (PLUS). It happened today. Please support.

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Finally the permissions returned to normal !!
Guys by default, users cannot see organization’s devices that are owned by a different user. Users see and interfere only with owned by them devices!
So in order for user A to see device Y you should set owner for Y device the user A. Administrators only view all devices.

And obviously if you want a user to see all devices , give him ownership of all devices!

We are facing he Same issue. Suddenly all the devices have disappeared for all the users.
And all of a sudden, in the permissions page, Organisation device to view by user is Removed by BLYNK.
Why make sudden change ?

Can BLYNK team resolve this issue at the earliest ?

can you suggest how do we do in a PLUS plan??

But Before this Issue all Users were able to view all devices by default. If an user was assigned he was further able to Download reports and do other stuff …
So This is not normal ??.

same issue user wont able to see devices and download report

At first go to users and press invite a new user. I guess you ve done it allready.
Then go to my devices , find the line of the device you need to transfer ownership an from the 3 dots button on the right select transfer, and enter the new owner’s email.

As far i can see at the new organization’s permissions you can give each user you want to have access to download reports , staff privileges.

can we give multiple user multiple device permission

yes i think each user can have ownership to more than one device.

by changing owner does it affect any privilege of Admin

nope! Admin has privileges to do anything , he can always take back ownership if required. Also he continues to have all permissions to all organization’s devices

Thank you for the instruction
Once we transfer the device to another user the previous user is losing access to the device … even not able to view it.

any suggestions?

thank you. but after giving multiple device ownership user only able to see 1 device only. any suggestion

i dont have anything in mind , you can always give user B, user A’s credentials i guess! :slight_smile:

But each device can’t be viewed by multiple user

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Thank you. issue resolved