Teensy 4.0

Hey, any plans to add Teensy 4.0 to the list of compatible boards?
Please Blynk =)

Or someone on here might already have a working solution of there own ?

Why do you use teensy instead of esp8266 or esp32 ?
I think there will be no way to use teensy with blynk.

Because of Teensy speed!
Using bluetooth and not wifi.
Teensy 3.2 is supported, I guess it’s a matter of time before they add 4.0 .

I know that teensy is speedy, but Esp32 is speedy too and is enough to handle all you want. (Dual Core, 180 MHz)
It as Bluetooth too.
The cost is only 4$ and works very well with blynk plateform.

Didn’t know it contains bluetooth, that’s cool.
But the speed of the Teensy does me a favor in my project without doubt.

I don’t know what project need so much performance!

…and so EXPENSIVE hardware…

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Oh well, thanks for the help…

Sorry but we can’t help.
I think there will never be any blynk update for this hardware.

To be honest, additional processor speed won’t be much help as far as the Blynk side of things are concerned. It will help with number-crunching, but I’ve come cross very few situations that can’t be fixed by more efficient coding.
If you’re doing something like processing video images or streaming audio files then yes, you can’t beat raw processing power.

I’d be interested to know why you think the extra speed is needed.


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CanBus Gateway , that’s where I need the speed to avoid dropping frames as I need to alter and interact not just filter.
I’m not a professional programmer.

The ESP32’s peripherals contains a CAN Controller that supports Standard Frame Format (11-bit ID) and Extended Frame Format (29-bit ID) of the CAN2.0B specification.


And because it’s dual core you can run the Blynk connection on one core and the CANbus on the other, so you should be able to avoid Blynk disconnects and dropped CAN frames.




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That’s a great feature!
Speed and bluetooth wasn’t essential in the beginning, started of my project on a Arduino Due, transferred to Teensy 4.0 to improve stability. Due was to slow without doubt for my set up.

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Mike is back ? :wink:

He’s been lurking :grinning:


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Only some so be careful if ordering…