Table widget is blanking after latest release

I recently updated my Blynk for Android to 2.27.11. Now when I open the app, I briefly see data in my table widget and then it all disappears. The widget shows empty. If I switch apps on my phone and back again to Blynk (causing it the refresh), the data reappears, showing “No Data”.
Is this a known bug? I’ve been seeing it for about a week, although I rarely upgrade as soon as it is released.

Hello, have you solved your problem? this is very similar to the topic I published:

[Since the 2.27.11 update, the data that arrives in Table widget is grayed out]

No and I haven’t seen an update for the app either.

Can anyone confirm this is a known issue or acknowledge a bug is reported (and ideally being worked on)?
Please see the following video for a demonstration of the issue:!Asjb9_Aw9XW1nLFcGaXmZjXmTaNpgQ?e=jO4hp0

May be the next update of the Blynk application will fix the problem.