Since the 2.27.11 update, the data that arrives in Table widget is grayed out

Hello to the Blynk community and congratulations to the creators for their great job!
Since a few days and the Android update version 2.27.11 I noticed that my table used to display the min/max temperatures filled differently.
It seems that the lines are grayed out and unreadable. And 1 in 5 lines is displayed normally.
It seems to me that it worked well before the update and my program has not been changed.
Thank you for telling me if this is normal or a bug ?

My function “table_min_max” which is called every 10 minutes

// ------------------ table_min_max -----------------------
void table_min_max()
String S_index_table;
Serial.println(“Filling the table Min/Max”);
EEPROM.write(10, index_table);
S_index_table = String (index_table) ;
Blynk.virtualWrite(V4, “add”,index_table, S_index_table + " " + S_temp_mini + "°C à " + S_temp_mini_time + " " + S_temp_maxi + "°C à " + S_temp_maxi_time, CurrentDate_1);
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I noticed that the display problem appeared after the smartphone or tablet went to sleep.
As we notice on these 2 screenshots of the table, between the 2, the screen just went to sleep.

Have other users had the same problem?

@BlynkAndroidDev have you seen these reports of table issues?


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On older version of the app, apparently there have already been problems of painting that emptied itself but it is not exactly the same problem.

Hi guys, I’ve missed the topic. I will check the issue on my side, and update the app.

Which version of the blynk library is used?

Version V0.6.1

Guys, I’ve uploaded 2.27.12 with a fix to this issue - it should be available to update in several hours


I just updated 2.27.12 and congratulations for your work, the table is displayed correctly! Great job!
Thanks again for your responsiveness, efficiency and long life Blynk !