Table tennis robot - NodeMcu - 7 motors


@joeson07 In the next days I will draw a diagram and collect some code.


Furobot02.jar (4.3 KB)


Thank you for the code and the shematics, very helpful!
Both works almost good, but not easy to rebuild your robot. Especially the functions inside the tube are not clear. Looks like there is a spring at the end, i am still testing… makes lot of fun!


Hi @radla, the balls are coming down and pushed forward to the wheels by the SG90 servo (no spring).

I’m looking forward to seeing your robot!


Can you provide me the detail drawing?


Here the file in Fusion 360 format (inside the jar):

v5.jar (342.2 KB)


Hi Paolo,

in your video at 01:51 there is a dark line before the ball, thats what i mean. What did you use for this? (see on last image)
Can you also post a picture from the top of your machine, how the ball serving works? I tried something, but this did not work (not connected in the picture). I think the principle is ok, maybe my ballcontainer is too small:



…that is an industrial secret :slight_smile:
it is a small zip tie used to stop the balls otherwise in certain situations they could fall down when it is not wanted. It is only a low resistance, so there is no problem for the servo to push the balls forward when it is the time and the servo gives the timing, not the gravity.
I see you have almost completed :+1: do not give up :muscle: