Support for Blynk + STM32 + SIM808 (GSM)

I’m working on an Iot project where i need to interface GSM module with STM32 and Blynk, but i can’t find any supported packages for the stm32 only finds for Arduino, what should i do?

Have you tried searching this forum?


Blynk library implementation is highly portable. You need several basic things to port it to any platform:

  • APIs for socket connection (TCP, preferably with TLS) like send, recv, connect, close
  • Ability to compile/link limited C++ (no rtti, exceptions, stl, etc)

Having this, it should take no longer than 1 day to integrate the Blynk protocol.

Cellular connectivity doesn’t require dynamic credentials provisioning implementation.

Thank you for your reply, but i don’t find it clear enough since the Blynk library at GitHub is totally dependent on the Arduino Platform

I would like to have documentation on how the implementation goes using MQTT

Direct MQTT connections are not supported by Blynk atm. We consider Blynk protocol superior to MQTT:

If absolutely needed, you should be able to use Node-Red to integrate with Blynk, i.e.:

However this workflow is broken in Blynk 2.0 (but we are working on improving this).

Would you please provide a documentation on how to implement Blynk Library on STM32F103C8T6 (Blue Pill) since it’s from the supported devices.
I have found a difficulty on how to use the Blynk library since it’s totally dependent on the Arduino platform (Avr)

Multiple options are possible:

  1. You can use Arduino framework on Blue Pill. With this setup, you can use TinyGSM as TCP/SSL API provider.
  2. Use your own drivers for the modem, tcp, ssl. Use blynk library as a reference implementation, port it over to your platform of choice. Blynk protocol is tiny and doesn’t depend much on the platform APIs.

I also updated my original reply with more details.

Okay great, but how i can use Arduino framework on Blue Pill i can’t find any references for that.

And if there is any Documentation for the Blynk Protocol and how it technically works

It’s already been done for you by @khoih.
As I said earlier, all you need to do is search.


I haven’t find anything related to the Implementation of Blynk on STM32. All i have found is irrelevant to the application.

But, according to @Pavel ”MQTT is scheduled for SEP 2021”
Hopefully, that will be an MQTT 3.11 implementation.