SuperChart Y Axis not showing

Is the argument " im to lazy to go to full screen" any good ? :grin:

Lazy solution:
Add a Label Widget or Gauge + color , and grasp the data in a fraction of a sec . You don’t need chart with Y values for that. Don’t use Chart widget for the sake of just putting a chart.

“There is a problem, and there is a right tool to fix it”
- Unknown author

I already have a Label widget, but thats for when i want to check in real time. Im gonna give an argument using my ipad that is fixed to the wall. It is fixed to the wall vertically, so if i want to check the temp 4 hours ago i need to go full screen. But full screen makes my screen go horizontally ( i presume as i think the apple version is not out yet ?). So that means to check the temp 4 hours ago i now have to take the ipad and turn it on its side in stead of just looking at the screen.

By the way im not telling you to change it just for my sake, just giving an argument :stuck_out_tongue:

@pavel what’s the science behind this:

1 off datastream axis shown on the left
2 off datastreams axis shown on the left and right
3 off datastreams axis shown on the left
4 off datastreams axis shown on the left and right

I can see the odd and even datastreams pattern but I’m interested in the science of visually seeing 3 axis on the left and none on the right.

Yeh you are right, but I thought its just too much natural to have x and y labels to argument it. I just don’t want that extra click, but I also think it is not enough of an argument… And I use 2 SuperCharts, that makes 2 clicks.

And my programming experience says, there is always a possibility when there is good will :wink:



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Hahahahahaha and what do i do when the screen is upside down ?

Blynk is a mobile app, not a tablet app.
Tablet app would have a completely different layout, level of details and screen real estate usage, orientation support and, most likely, very different UX.
What you see on your iPad is a zoomed version of an iPhone app. So… I would like to accept your argument, but it’s from another league. It’s like comparing sumo wrestler with thai boxer :slight_smile:

Thanks for your question.
We wanted to balance the screen real estate. In general we were hurrying to release the widget and Full Screen mode is not really polished. 3-4 axis on the side create a total screen mess. And if you space them enough to get rid of the mess, then you loose real estate for the chart and full screen looses it’s purpose.

We didn’t plan to add multiple axis at all, but it was a requirement from the client who enabled us to provide Blynkers with such a sophisticated chart update. It’s a scientific project, and they needed that. By the way, they were kind enough to let us include all of the functions of the widget into the Blynk app, though they completely sponsored the development.

And on the good side: there will be more features added soon.


Well I for one am very appreciative of that :+1:… My solar monitor (a dedicated old tablet) went from four graphs, and a bit of scrolling, to one SoooperChart with leftover real estate for other widgets.

I also use Display Widgets for large, at a glance info, but really like the touch drill down, for a more indepth look, that small X/Y numbers wouldn’t properly show without squinting anyhow.

A hack for anyone with 3 datastreams is:

Add a fourth dummy datastream as either your 3rd or 4th datastream called " ".
Then disable the datastream in the Chart, you will still see a tiny graph image in the legend.

If it’s your 3rd datastream you will have 1 left and 2 right axis for the 3 real datastreams.
If it’s your 4th datastream you will have 2 left and 1 right axis for the 3 real datastreams.

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@Pavel so what about landscape(rotate screen) mode on phone?

Chart supports landscape mode. Or what’s your question is about?

How about live preview where you are not able to tap and hold the chart to drill into the data?


Live Charts have almost zero value in real applications. It’s more of a perk than a real thing. Read below why we implemented it in general.

  1. Almost none of real IOT project use data streaming (comparing to those that send data in intervals). This is what analysts say and this is what we can confirm by working on commercial IOT projects. Necessity of streaming is a myth.
  2. Live Plotting is used for testing in majority of the cases. To check that the data is coming, not to wait for historical data. Basically, to please yourself, to demo that “look, ma, it works!”. We like to demo Blynk with this widget, so we added it :slight_smile:

And this is why Label Widget is the best way to show you what’s going on right now, in real time.


But with a bit of thought and effort you could get the live chart to scroll “Blynk” across the screen :slight_smile:
In fairness the more I use SuperChart the more I like it.

Right, no Y axis needed there :slight_smile:

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i talk about App Screen (not just Chart)

Wasn’t this question answered already?


@Pavel Thanks for adding the y-axis :stuck_out_tongue: