Screen rotation work on Blynk app?

@Gunner How you screen rotation work on Blynk app ?

i need have Blynk app on Landscape Mode. I moved your message into the public forum as I am not a developer and these questions, suggestions should be kept in the forum anyhow.

The landscape option is only in the SuperChart, it is the “full screen” mode.

As far as having all of Blynk landscape… I suspect it is in Portrait mode because that is the most common way people hold their phones (particularly when taking random videos it seems :unamused:).

I don’t see the developers making the entire Blynk App rotatable into landscape, as I am sure that would be very difficult, accounting for the repositioning of our custom placement of whatever widgets we want, almost wherever we want them.

Thank You Sir.

I know this is old, but did we ever get landscape mode?

Only with Superchart.


And Video Stream widget. (Full screen actually broken on ios 13, update is pending)

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