Superchart scrolling/panning jumping around

Hey there,

I’d like to report on an issue in the latest Blynk App (2.26.7) at the time of writing.
The issue is present on Android 8.1 and on Android 9.

I have a configuration set up where I have a superchart and a couple other components (simple Value Display)
When using a panning gesture to navigate the superchart to scroll back in time (shown in video) it will take large unpredictable jumps backwards in time rather than a smooth navigation. Every time you perform the gesture backwards, if only for a couple pixels, it will take large jumps backwards.

Only after shortly panning forwards in time (shown in the video from 0:07 onwards), it does start to behave normally when scrolling backwards in time. However, when navigating to a different project in the Blynk App or minimizing the app (as in: invoking Android’s onPause and onResume), the issue starts reoccuring.

Woops, I see that I posted this issue before (complete mind meltdown I think)

That’s the way we had implemented scrolling back. Let’s assume you are on 1m period, on scrolling to a previous period it will load it and move you to -2m point, then the scroll will work finer for these 2 periods. After app’s reload it will clear cached data and work again in such way. Also if you would not touch the chart - it will refresh every one minute to reload most recent data.