Superchart loses vPin settings, when used in Tiles

Local server 0.28.7
Android App: 2.16.7
OS android: 7 and 8

the superchart graphics in the tiles disappear after leaving the app.


By graphics do you mean the squiggly lines, the whole widget, or just how the tile looks?

Do you have a screenshot?

Sorry … you lose VPin in settings. so you can not see the charts.

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Oh, so nothing to do with Device Tiles ?

Simply losing the vPin in setting is very strange… I have same Local Server, App and Library versions as you, and no issues like that.

…Actually… not necessarily the same… What Library version are you running on the hardware? I am running v.0.4.10 on all my projects.

Do you have some steps to reproduce?

The device of tiles is 0.4.10
I’m loading a demonstration video on Dropbox.

the other devices are 0.4.8

I see. Thanks for video.

Thanks, other widgets have correct pin’s settings on reopening?

That’s surely Device Tiles issue, it would not happen in the ordinary project.

@BlynkAndroidDev I see that now, thanks to the video… I couldn’t tell if it was just a translation issue before :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I personally haven’t got my head around what Tiles are good for anyhow, so while I did try running a graph in a Tile, it didn’t fail like the OP, but then my use of Tiles was clearly not anywhere near as complex…

I will leave this for the experts to figure out :wink:

Glad people start using Tiles!

@Pavel might be worth someone putting together a doc / video that explains / compares all the tags and tiles stuff properly as I’m sure most of us haven’t really got a clue.

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It’s on the way. ) Sorry for the delays


Hi guys, can you decide how many decimal places to have after the comma?


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can the cause be java8?

Sure, we’ll implement it in the next release