SuperChart issue

I like the possibility of scrolling SuperChart graphs backward and forward in time by swiping the graph right and left.
It is a feature I really missed. Thank you!

However I’m experiencing an annoying issue that happens on most time scales (but not all!)
Swiping right (even for a really small amount), the graph goes back A LOT in the past.
It only happens on the first swipe, then the swipe works as expected, ie the time scroll is correctly proportional to the swipe amount.
It happens at the first right swipe after selecting the time scale.
It means that if you change the time scale to any other value, and then go back to the previous scale, the issue happens again.

On my graph I have this issue on the 1h 6h 1w and 1m scales, while 1d and 3m work fine.

I’m the only one experiencing this issue?

Android app version 2.18.1
Local Server version: server-0.30.2-java8.jar

I rarely bother with manual scrolling, but just tested it on one of my projects and yes, on my usual 6h scale, at first nudge to left, it appears to regularly jump back 12 hours… but can also act skittish and jump around a bit… generally not very fluid movement in my experience.

Multiple devices - Android and emulator

All latest versions.

In my case, with 6h scale, and a really small swipe on the right (I’d say a few millimeters) it jumps back 4 days…
Care to try the 1d scale as well, to verify that it works well instead?

Seems to also jump back, but by a day (well, a few days if I am not quick in removing the finger :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

I suspect it is “set” to jump back according to the range… but i agree with you, if you need to swipe, that the speed of the scroll determine the rate/range… perhaps one wants to just take a peek at a few hours, just past out of range, on a 1D range :wink:

To better show the issue, I’m sharing two short videos:

Here is what happens at 1d time scale (scroll is smooth from the beginning)

Here is what happens at 1w time scale (big jump back on first swipe, then scroll becomes smooth)