SuperChart - Graph fill for negative values inverted


Using the Superchart, I have set the scale from -500 to 0 and the series line to FILL. However it fills always from the bottome so in essence the chart is filling in the wrong part. Particularly wrong as well if you set the scale from -500 to 500 for example.

Also, it would be great to build in the concept of a 0 Y-Axis line. :slight_smile:


Nice effect :slight_smile:

@BlynkAndroidDev @Eugene could you please add to “Improvements” list?

Sure, we’ll fix this.

Hey guys, I’m remembering this one again - any chance in the next couple of months? :slight_smile:

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I do recall the same applies to the gauge widget!

@omegab hm… It is still there? I thought we fixed that.

Let me answer: No it is not fixed:

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It is still in the list of improvements for some next release

Bonus marks if it then has different gradient colour for the positive and negative side of the axis. :sunglasses: