Student Plans for New Blynk 2.0

Hello. Will there be any future plans like free accounts or discounts for student/education package? I am a university engineering student in Malaysia, thus I have a valid student email which can serve as a legit proof. I like the new Blynk 2.0 features and it will definitely help in my engineering projects a lot. I do not intend to use it for commercial purpose, it is just solely for demonstration in my projects (and hey meanwhile I can also help to spread your new Blynk with more people hehe :slight_smile: ). Tbh the PLUS plan cost MYR21.67, which is quite costly for me as a student. Hope to hear answers from Blynk. Thanks in advance.

There’s already a free plan.


yes i also think there should be such plan
some years back bynk provided free energy for educators

but blynk 2 is for business mainly
back then blynk was for makers but now it isnt economically possible as i thinkS

Why isn’t it possible?


because now blynk is more than 75% supported by businesses

not i gunner agrees with me in one of his earlier postS

Yes, Blynk is clearly aimed at business users, because that’s where the real money comes from, and without that the product isn’t viable and would never exist.

But, I’m still curious why you say:

when clearly it is possible, using either the free or the Plus plans.


because he said he want the plus plan for less rateS

No, he said:

There are already free accounts, but I was more inyteres5td in YOUR statement that:

Clearly (in my opinion at least) it is possible, as there is a free plan. What prevents makers using that free plan?


sorry sir i dont want to debate with you but i just meant more than hat is provided in the free plan providing more is not possible as some years back bynk as completely funded by makers so they provided free energy for educators
but now i dont think blynk will be provideng extra than free plan

No, it was funded via a crowd-funded campaign, and then by business sales. I don’t think that energy purchases by makers did any more than cover the running cost of the cloud servers (In fact, I doubt that they even did that).

In that case, I’d suggest that you change the language you use from a very negative “isnt possible” to something that better reflects reality such as “I’d like more than the free plan offers, without spending any money”.


now is it okSir?

Sorry if I’m making it confusing. Actually, I meant a free student account for the PLUS plan. I asked because (by comparison) currently I have free student license for AutoCAD and Microsoft Office account, and I believe Blynk can do it too! Maybe a free student PLUS plan upgrade until I graduate, or maybe lower rates (as I mentioned, here in Malaysia, paying for the PLUS plan is enough to feed me for days). The free plan is good, but the PLUS plan works better in my project as I need more device connections and CSV data for my semestral project.

I just want to know what the Blynk admins thought about this. But anyway, thanks sir Pete for answering. I understand that Blynk is a business, and if Blynk decides not to offer any student aid, then I’ll just quietly work until I can afford the PLUS plan.

Thanks for the answers everyone. :smiley:

Its not up to the forum administrators like me, its up to the Blynk owners, and its them that you should be asking - probably via the website at

Being clearer about what it is you’re asking for is always good :grinning:

Most of the confusion, and signal-to-noise ratio on this topic, came from other forum members I’m afraid!